Malware is the widely known name for a variety of malicious software variants like spyware, ransomware and virus. It is a well-written code developed explicitly by hackers to gain authorized access to a network to either cause damages or steal data and systems.

Malware attack four parts of your computer; they are: 

  1. Executable program files
  2. The file-directory system, knowing each folder of your computer files.
  3. The bootable system section 
  4. Data files.

 Every cyberattacker has a goal which serves as a focus when developed.

Also, there is another variant of Malware; we encounter, its the “worm”. Worms exploit every security weakness in operating systems’ configurations. 

Malware disseminates in several ways, and some are ;

  • Downloading files/pictures from the internet to computers’ web browsers.
  • Opening e-mail attachments without scanning software.
  • Receiving files through online services, social media, local area networks and surprisingly, software from a retail store.

             How to manage/control Malware

To effectively reduce the risk of Malware infiltrating to your machine, homes, organizations, 

  • Is having a firm rule to avoid the above-mentioned
  • Install anti-malware software.
  • Allow no media (flash drives) to be used without been laboriously scanned on a stand-alone machine specifically for that purpose and not connected to a network.

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