Understanding PHP MVC


A PHP framework presents an essential structure for smooth the development of web application. They are used to expedite the development process.
The responsiveness of websites and applications developed using PHP frameworks helps enterprises fulfil their production needs.

CodeIgniter is an outstanding framework use in PHP for development, Here’s why,
CodeIgniter is very suitable for developing dynamic websites. It has a lot of prebuilt models that help in the effectiveness of building robust and reusable components. It is a lightweight and straightforward PHP framework that’s easy and simple to install. Due to a simple structure method and profoundly explained documentation, it’s proper fitting for beginners.
Please don’t get this the wrong way, intermediate and advanced developers are open to using as well, it helps with more efficient and organized development in significant development projects.
Important hallmarks include an MVC architecture, first-class error handling, inbuilt safety tools, and excellent and straightforward documentation. To add to this, it creates scalable apps.
CodeIgniter is considerably faster compared to other frameworks. Since it also offers reliable performance, it’s a right preference if you desire to develop lightweight applications to run on modest servers.